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Party wall matters

We are able to act as Building Owner’s surveyor or Adjoining Owner’s surveyor and we have an in-depth working knowledge of the Party Wall etc. Act and the procedures involved in agreeing a party wall Award. Kevin Sloane (Director) is Secretary of the Sussex branch of the Pyramus and Thisbe Club, who are a “learned society” of specialist party wall surveyors.

University of Brighton

Mithras House Annexe.jpg

Our client was served with notices under the Act by a neighbour who intended to demolish an existing building and to build a new seven-storey block of student accommodation on a sloping site with a contiguous piled reinforced concrete retaining wall. Our client’s building was immediately adjacent to the development and it already showed signs of structural movement, it also contained an important large computer server and was used for teaching. A party wall Award, agreed with the building owner’s surveyor, stipulated monitoring of vibration, movement and noise throughout the development to mitigate the risk of damage to the building and disturbance to our appointing owner.

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